Satrangi Gurukul

We educate the body, soul and spirit by harmonizing the thinking, feeling and willing of the child.

When I look into the sun
Its light tells me radiantly
Of the spirit which mercifully
Prevails through cosmic beings.
Sun, bearer of radiance,
The power of your light in matter
Conjures life out of the boundless riches
Of the depths of the earth.
When I feel into my heart,
The spirit speaks its own words
Of the person whom it
Loves through all time and eternity.
-Rudolf Steiner



Satrangi Gurukul

Satrangi Gurukul is an innovation circle and modern-day resort for parents and educators. We offer transformative programs, events, online courses and community sharings to deepen your connection to yourself, each other and the world.

We are currently living in a world that is going through a social, economic and spiritual crisis. The inadequate and dysfunctional systems and structures of the past century are falling apart and our leaders and experts have no real and permanent solutions. Those watching closely these developments will recognize that we are moving quickly into a new globally synchronized, technology-driven world order that is baseless and destructive to the evolution of the true Human Being.

This initiative is for those families that have awakened to their destiny and know that a  sane Human future rests on their striving and contributions through a healthy functioning of the head, heart and hands.

We are in the midst of building a healthy social community for the families that wish to live, grow and learn together! 


Families exploring homeschooling or community schooling.

Color Stain

Education that connects the child to their culture and tradition. Children find their way home through the knowledge our ancient scriptures have in store.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

All inner development occurs when we explore our inner self and focus on our inner conditions and not merely on our outer circumstances. The key to a happy and successful life is harnessing your dormant powers. We all were born with each faculty that we need to serve our destiny for this lifetime. Find out how you can build on these capacities and lead a meaningful and satisfying lifestyle.