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Satrangi Gurukul

We educate the body, soul and spirit by harmonizing the Thinking, Feeling and Willing.
When I look into the sun
Its light tells me radiantly
Of the spirit which mercifully
Prevails through cosmic beings.
Sun, bearer of radiance,
The power of your light in matter
Conjures life out of the boundless riches
Of the depths of the earth.
When I feel into my heart,
The spirit speaks its own words
Of the person whom it
Loves through all time and eternity.
-Rudolf Steiner



Satrangi Gurukul

A sacred space where we come together to work with the questions that arise out of each individual's pursuit of becoming Human in the true sense. Practical training of thinking, feeling, willing and how each human can polish these capacities to be able to meet their destiny. 

We intend to provide a healthy space for beings to express their inner strivings through art and discussions which are a soul expression of their individuality. Through concrete foundations of Anthroposophy, we study the human being and his fourfoldedness of meeting self and the external world.

Rudolf Steiner says "In a human community where spiritual life plays a merely ideological role, the general social life lacks one of the forces that can make and keep it a living organism. The impotence of the spiritual life in modern man is what is ailing the body social today, and the disease is made worse by the reluctance to acknowledge its existence. Once this fact is acknowledged, there will be a basis on which to develop the kind of thinking needed for the social movement."

Inspired by Steiner's ideas we wish to create a new social movement where beings can exercise their freedom of spiritual enhancement through various mediums that are more conducive to modern man and society.


We invite parents and teachers who wish to get an in-depth understanding of the workings of the Waldorf curriculum in different grades i.e. kindergarten to Middle school through in-person or online training. 

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We are currently supporting schools in India that wish to incorporate the Waldorf methodology in their current educational system. We are mentoring new Waldorf schools in India by providing their teacher's curriculum training and introducing the Spirit of the Waldorf school to the founders and trustees of the school. Throughout the year we support the staff in all the areas of the day-to-day working of a Waldorf school. 

With the experience of working with parents, teachers and school owners in the past we have an extensive repertoire of age-appropriate curriculum resources, stationery material suppliers and infrastructure ideas for an Indian Waldorf school.

Winding Roads

All inner development occurs when we explore our inner self and focus on our inner conditions and not merely on our outer circumstances. The key to a happy and successful life is harnessing your dormant powers. We all were born with each faculty that we need to serve our destiny for this lifetime. Find out how you can build on these capacities and lead a meaningful and satisfying lifestyle.

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