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Satrangi Gurukul

Children are introduced to real-life concepts through arts like painting, drawing, drama, speech, modeling, storytelling and music. The concept of working with Arts comes from ancient times and grew out of the different branches of Knowledge in Ancient Egypt: astrology, geometry, arithmetic and music. A time when spiritual and intellectual pursuits were interconnected. In those times  Arts included: grammar, rhetoric, dialectics, geometry, astrology, arithmetic and music.

Through these arts integrated with real-life concepts build skills that the child would need in adult life. A few benefits of these sessions are fostering healthy imagination, harmonizing the feeling and the will forces, develop lifelong skills and build virtues.

What do our sessions include?

60minutes to 90minutes sessions- online or offline

A Prayer

A shloka or mantra or verse

Yoga or any physical strengthening regime

Concept of the week- Based on the age group and interests

Art- Painting, Crayon Drawing, Modeling, Charcoal drawing, Handicrafts and Mandala

Discussions and sharings

Individual project work

Group project work

What the child learns?

Being himself around all the concepts that he needs to develop capacities for healthy adult life.

Physical body strengthening through yoga and rhythmic movement

Speech formation

Chanting shlokas, mantras and meditation

Expressing imagination through words

Engaging in meaningful chores

Experiencing diverse sensory impressions

Practical work that reflects real-world order

Observation skills by being in the process 
Self-regulation of emotions through health reflection and expression

Forming sound judgment

Clarity in thought by working on projects that make a change in community living

Taking calculated risks

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