Online Classes for children

AGE GROUP: 6 - 8 yrs | 9 - 12 yrs

WHEN: Mon, Aug2 — Thurs, Aug 26

Multiple time slots are available for morning & evening batches

Total 19 Sessions-5 Sessions per week

WHERE: Online Classes

COURSE FEE: Rs.3600/-


WhatsApp: 8788663989

The Bhagavad Gita is the compilation of the dialogue that takes place between Lord Krishna and Arjun before the Kurukshetra war commences. Teachings by Lord Krishna helped in changing Arjun’s perspective about life and his life path. Through these sessions, we hope to sow a seed of strength and courage for the truth in our children. We aspire to build faith in our religious texts and their timeless teachings by promoting children to build their own connection with these stories.

What will children experience?

Each session will cover the gist of the chapter alongwith 2-3 Shlokas and their meaning. For children to build a bond with the text we will be having discussions and free rendering of understandings from the children. Timely review and speech practice will be incorporated to make the experience real and dynamic for the children.

Children will be given creative options to express their understanding and experience at the end of the course and the parents will be invited to watch their child share their piece of the Gita.

Parents can be present during the sessions if they feel the child may need their support in terms of some technical help to engage in the class through the online platform. Once the child is comfortable the parent can take a back seat.

We recommend using a laptop or a desktop for seamless and hassle-free engagement, if unavoidable then only resort to mobile phones. Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi or a stable internet connection to make the experience for the child a pleasant one.

We will not be grading or assessing the children as each child learns at his or her own pace and we want the children to enjoy the process more than focus on their performance.

We guarantee each child takes back a valuable life lesson for their later life.