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The Satrangi Gurukul Curriculum gives you all the support you need



Students aren't the only ones doing homework.
Teachers/Parents spend a lot of time making lesson plans for them.
Satrangi Gurukul Curruculum makes all this easy.


We have done the lesson planning for you. Because we value the students work and time. Our curriculum includes math, science, language arts and social studies aligned to national, state levels for Elementary, Middle and High school.


With Satrangi Gurukul Curruculum, you get to focus on your child's needs and give them personalized instructions. A student struggling with one subject can take all the time they need to master a topic, without worrying about what others are doing and with our valuable resources. The student may develop an interest sparked by something they study in science or history, and you are able to easily arrange for them to dive as deep into that concept as they want to go. 


You have reached here reading because you've decided to homeschool your children, or are considering to supplement what they learn at school. One of the best things about Satrangi Gurukul Curriculum is that its flexible and precise to help you get started.

You can contact us to avail our specialized programs.
Satrangi Gurukul Curriculum is truly valuable, it helps save time.

Our goal is to help every student succeed in academics and in Life. 

If this sounds good to you and If you haven't already signed up, please do so and get started.

Open resources for lifelong learning families

A source of supplying meaningful support.

Homeschool Weekly Planner

 “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is very true.

Without a plan, lifelong learning families are set up to encounter errors, waste, and delays. A plan, on the other hand, helps them organize resources and activities efficiently and effectively to achieve their learning goals.

When one leads a busy life, it’s essential that one keep it organized. Very few people have the cognitive capacity to keep track of all the demands of career, family and social life. For that, you need a tool that works.

To download click here!

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