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Why what and how do we teach the Kindergarten child!

Exploring how the children learn in the Waldorf kindergarten

Children who live in an atmosphere of love and warmth, and who have around them truly good examples to imitate, are living in their proper element. – Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Steiner mentions that as educators, many of us lean in the direction of striving for head knowledge rather than struggling for the insights that can come from observation. The teacher must be able to see that the child has taken on tasks that the teacher is to assist with here in the physical world.

The early years of childhood provide the foundation for a healthy life. Everything is important: the warmth of adults, the tone of voice, and the aesthetics of the environment, to name a few aspects. This is the age when seeds are planted for a lifetime of adventure through learning. How this is brought to the child is crucial.

Is there a Waldorf early childhood curriculum?

What are the necessary ingredients in a Waldorf setting?

What makes Waldorf early childhood education Waldorf?

To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour

-William Blake

Topics covered in the explorations


Curriculum Overview

Lesson Planning

Integration- academics and arts

Circle Time


Nourishing the senses

Rhythm and Movement

Role of Crafts

Purpose of play

Games children play

Healthy Physical development

Cognitive development

Emotional Intelligence

Celebrating festivals

Birthday celebrations

Meditations for parents

Duration of the explorations- 14 Days

Each class is divided into two sessions of 45minutes each

Daily assignments to support the learning

Steiner text reading relevant to the early childhood age

12 Lesson blocks- Themes, songs, crafts and stories 

Resources shared during the training- verses, rhymes, stories, activities and games.

These resources are sufficient to guide you through the year.


Energy Exchange on a sliding scale: Rs.18000-27000 

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