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Enlightened Remembering

In the stillness of my mind,

Where memories reside,

There lies a spark of light,

A flame that never dies.

It is the light of enlightenment,

A wisdom that transcends time,

A knowingness that guides me,

And inspires my heart and mind.

For in this light of consciousness,

I remember all that I am,

A being of infinite potential,

A spark of the cosmic plan.

With each moment of enlightened remembering,

I transcend my earthly bonds,

And connect with the divine,

In a dance that knows no bounds.

So let us remember with enlightened hearts,

And awaken to our truest selves,

For in this remembrance, we find our way,

To the love and peace that forever dwells.

This is a poem that celebrates the power of conscious remembering. The poem suggests that within the stillness of our mind lies a spark of light that represents the wisdom and knowingness that guides us on our life's journey.

The poem suggests that this light of consciousness is a form of enlightenment that transcends time and space. It is a reminder of our true nature, that we are beings of infinite potential, connected to the cosmic plan.

The poem encourages us to remember with enlightened hearts, to awaken to our truest selves, and to connect with the divine. It suggests that through this remembrance, we can find our way to the love and peace that forever dwells.

Overall, the poem emphasizes the importance of conscious remembrance and suggests that by connecting with the light of consciousness within us, we can find a sense of purpose, meaning, and inner peace.