Indus Valley Civilization

4000 years ago, there lived a civilization way ahead of its time. Indus Valley Civilization or as we call it in Hindi, Harappa Civilization. This video talks about Indus Valley Civilization in Hindi, Harappa Sabhyta in Hindi.

And now all that remains in its place is dust, and this museum! India Pakistan border is not on most people’ bucket list, but history lovers think otherwise. Since the past 50 years, a lot has been dug out from these locations.

This is the place where the great city of Harappa once stood. In fact, the city was so great that Indus Valley civilization is also often called as the Harappan civilization. From the moment you enter the museum, you see these pots that have stood the test of centuries. The Harappans were masters in teracotta. Harappans were ahead of their time. They could make magic out of mud. They made bricks, tiles, pots, toys, wheels, ornaments and possibly everything back then… simply out of sand!

Right behind the museum are the ruins of the village of Indus Valley Civilization. You can see the destroyed fragments of Indus Valley objects still lying there!

They were a huge fan of art it seems. They didn’t just use their brains to make daily utilities, but also intricate sculptures. Most of the sculptures they made were of animals. You can see how good they were at it, like imagine objects made of mud surviving centuries!

But well, that’s the only thing that remains. They say, some 3000 years ago, a flood came for this village of Harappa. It came out of the blue and left not a single soul alive. Now, there is a kalibanga museum or mohenjo daro museum there. Everything of Indus Valley Civilization was destroyed. The ground has hardened and gone white, because of the calcium. The decomposing bones of animals, humans...that all died in the flood. Of all the sculptures that have been found, the only religious one that we have found is this Shivling. This also suggests that perhaps Lord Shiv was the oldest God in the Hindu Mythology, and because Hinduism is the oldest civilized religion in the world, it makes God Shiva the oldest God in the world.

The Indus Valley civilization is one of the three oldest civilizations of the world, but what makes it special is even at that time. We are talking about BC, the Indus Valley civilization had cities – Harappa, mohenjo Daro, two of the best. Harappans were a playful lot; archaeologists have found various games – rattles, dices, whistles, sling balls, and chess too.

What is impressive about the Indus Valley Civilization is that even back then these cities were legit cities! This right here was a public toilet. Oh yes, the Harappans were indeed a developed society. We are talking about road networks. They even had heating systems for the winters…back in the BCs. So yes, Indus Valley civilization was one advanced civilization!

These cities had elaborate pipes functioning for drainage and water supplies. This right here is a pipe! Some of these tiles could beat the modern-day tiles, I mean their houses stood the odds of time and harsh floods. The harappans knew how to build a strong city. The time has passed, but these house structures still stand strong and added calcium has made them more unbreakable. These houses are a proof that people back then were no fools; in fact, a population of millions lived harmoniously. You could tell the Harappans were indeed peaceful people, because we haven’t found as many weapons. In fact, there were more toys than weapons in that era. If you went around for a stroll you might find some. The Harappans were also trade savy, the seals of Indus Valley have been found as far as Greece, Egypt and Mesopatamia. Look at these cute seal designs.

The Harappan love for beauty can be seen in their ornaments too. They had learnt how to make use of lead, bronze, iron and tin. If you go for a walk behind the museum, you might find some broken bangles or earings even today. They were very scientific people, and had proper scales and measurements. They had various calibrated weight measurments, and it seems the hourglass was the time teller back then. But there is only so much that they could do. The nature had the last laugh.

A civilization that built itself up from sand, now ironically rests as sand. There were theories that the Harappans were invaded by the Aryans, but it is evident now that the harappans instead died of recurring floods. Much like the one that came here. The once lively land of Harappan race is now barren shut, how long before it comes for us!

Do visit this mohenjo daro museum.

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