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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Humans never lose the perspective to learn. Should we engender a momentum for learning in children? Could this accompany them throughout their lives? Education is a continuous progress. Schooling doesn’t stop by passing in school examinations. Children who have learned to love learning will go on to be adults able to direct their lives better.

Schools are generally believed to fulfill their task of educating students and helping then cross the hurdles of exams. Having passed these examinations, the student safely embarked on their training for future vocations or professions. Schools must set their standards somewhat higher. Today with stiff competitions, every idea you come up with is probably copied because somewhere someone has already mastered the idea and has built upon it. With tough competition in every area of life, there is need for something more, something more specific and systematic. This cannot be done in one day. It requires many years of methodical preparation to build. This preparation must start at a very early age, childhood.

The child will be taught to work on understanding himself and equip him with the inclination to learn independently. He will find his own individual method of learning and set out on a continuous process of self-education, of taking his own development in hand. Children must acquire the ability to learn from life.

Teachers must learn from their students and work on their inner development. Never follow fixed teaching tutorials that they merely repeat because it worked with a few students last time around. They too must be prepared to learn.

Children however, are at a great advantage in this respect. They bear within themselves the seeds of a future. The drive to grow, the ability to take on challenges. Educating children today is much more than imparting information or skills to them in various forms. Innovation, development, coping with difficulties, obstacles and progress is the way forward for all involved in education. A young person will only accept guidance based on life experiences and not on theory alone then why force a child.

As the German poet-philosopher Goethe quotes, “Freedom, is only deserved by those who have learnt to grasp it anew with every morning that comes.” Life doesn’t expect people to handle it by following a set of instructions. It expects them to use their imaginations and their common sense.

Satrangi Gurukul is a place where one can learn to learn, a school where children acquire the ability to learn from life. Children enjoy, play and solve problems in innovative ways. Children learn valuable lessons for life.

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