Online Waldorf-Inspired Kindergarten
Raising resilient children
Bringing the Waldorf experience to your home all 5days a week.
Our online classes are for children from 3 to 6years old. We will be working with the mixed age group with just 20children per class.

We provide content based on the principles of Waldorf education and the Indian gurukul system.

We strive to develop our children's intellectual, artistic and life skills in an integrated and holistic manner through the head, heart and hands approach towards nature.

5days a Week sessions via Zoom/Skype

11:00 am-11:45 am

Each session is 45minutes long. The session includes prayers, songs, rhymes, basic academic concepts, natural rhythms, seasonal crafts, stories and puppet shows.

Take time out from your busy schedule, Come and join one of our online classes that are energy-packed and artistically enriched sessions, where children are nurtured while parents can share their joys, challenges and find peace in our warm loving space.

If you have any questions about our classes you can reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or write to us at satrangigurukul@gmail.com