Live interactive circle time and the main lesson class

5 days a week 

We are open for enrollments!

Satrangi Gurukul Learning circle is a space created for children to explore their true potential without having to box their individuality. Each child is unique and hence must be given the freedom to explore, experiment, pause and then express. It is the process and not the outcome that we are focussing on. Our children will grow up to be balanced human beings with the right amount of training of the body, soul and mind.

How does the class look like?

Online classes for each group will be one hour 30minutes long with only 45minutes of screen time each day. We also have an option of 3days a week and 5days a week LIVE classes. Assignments and learning material for the concepts will be sent via email on a weekly basis.

Children will be divided into different age groups during the session and will have the option of selecting an activity depending on their interests.

9:00am - 9:45am - Primary grades

10:00am - 10:45am - Middle grades

What concepts will children explore while they are with Satrangi Gurukul mixed age group circle?

Language Arts

Pictorial introduction of the alphabet

Handwriting: upper and lower case letters


Introduction to the parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs

Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, capitalization

Beginning composition

Stories, poetry, verse

Cursive writing

Basic parts of speech, punctuation and simple tenses of verbs

Reading comprehension and writing practice

Stories of ancient and indigenous people

Spelling, cursive writing, and writing composition

Grammar: all parts of speech, verse tenses, punctuation

Story writing



Hindu-Arabic numerals from 1 to 100 (counting forwards and backward, writing)

Roman Numerals from I to XII

Times tables: 2, 3, 5, 10

Odd and even numbers

Four mathematical processes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Algorithms of column addition and subtraction

Place value: units, tens, and hundreds

Borrowing or "taking"

Times tables

Mental math

Long division and multiplication introduced

Weights and measurements

Monetary calculations

Fractions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; reduce and expand; improper fractions to mixed number fractions.

Prime numbers and square numbers; exploration of factoring patterns.

Long multiplication and long division


Geometrical shapes

Word problems



Stories of the seasons and the natural world

Exploration of nature

Gardening: tending a plot, growth cycles of plants, and gardening stories

Study of farming, agriculture, including cultivation of grain, cycles of composting, crop rotation and animal husbandry

Study of local natural resources

Study the animal kingdom

Study of the plant kingdom

Mineral world




Social Studies

Mythologies of global cultures and folk tales from around the world

Descriptions of different cultures and environments through oral storytelling

Introduction to a historical timeline through stories

Geography -the earth.

Study of shelters through time and around the world with attention to indigenous people and to the natural resources of the immediate environment

Study of farming and agriculture

Systems of money and time explored

Local geography: mapping

Indian history- famous people


Form Drawing



Craft knitting needles from wooden dowels

Knitting: cast-on, knit, count rows, change colors, bind-off, and sew completed pieces

Learn to purl, adding and reducing stitches, correcting mistakes

Knit a doll

Crochet: chain stitch, single and double stitches and crochet in the round

Painting and drawing compositional work

Embroidery is introduced in handwork; stitches inspired by other parts of the world

Deepening practice with sculpture

Crafts of other culture explored such as handicrafts of various regions













Recitation of Shlokas and Mantras


Introduction to Hindu scriptures

How to enroll your child in the mixed age group learning circle?

Schedule an appointment for a call for us to know you better and take you through the details of the program.

What is the tuition fee for this program?

The tuition fees shall vary depending on the number of days you wish to enroll your child for. The details shall be shared for all the options available during the pre-enrollment appointment.

Why you should consider enrolling your child in our program?

Programs like ours cannot reach many people without the support of each one of you. We are grateful for your trust in us and we guarantee you a joyful journey through the learning years of your child. We are keenly interested in your child's growth.