For whom is this Grades learning circle?

The Grades learning circle is for children from Grade 1 to 6.

How many days in a week?

3days in a week, we meet the children via Zoom or Skype.

How long is each session?

Each session lasts for one hour.

What will we explore in these sessions?

We will be exploring Math, Science and Language concepts during these sessions.

What is unique about these sessions?

The uniqueness of these sessions is that they are based on the Waldorf methodology and are age-appropriate.

Why should your child be a part of these sessions?

These sessions contain content that not only educates the child but also makes the child healthy physically and emotionally.

How can you know more about these sessions?

You can know more about these sessions by getting in touch with us on 8788663989.

Are these sessions open to special needs children?

Yes, these sessions are very much open to special needs children.

How can you enroll your child in these sessions?

You can enroll your child for these sessions after connecting with us on a call regarding the specific learning takeaways of the sessions for your child.

What are the timings of these sessions?

Grade 1&2- 9am-11am/4pm-5pm

Grade 3&4- 9am-11am/5pm-6pm

Grade 5&6- 3pm-4pm

What will your child need to bring along for the sessions?

Drawing book, crayons, color pencils, watercolors, paintbrush, clay, craft paper, scissors and glue.

What are the fees?

Grade 1&2 - Rs.1500 per month

Grade 3&4 - Rs.2000 per month

Grade 5&6 - Rs.2500 per month

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