What we would like to offer?


Homeschool your child


We are providing curriculum training to parents who wish to explore homeschooling for their children. Teachers that wish to polish their skills are welcome to attend these meetings that help them meet the needs of the child through a carefully chalked-out lesson plan that is age-appropriate.

Kindergarten- 7days -Rs.9000

Grade 1 to 4- 14days -Rs.13000

Grade 5 to 7- 14days -Rs.18000


We want to “cultivate clear articulation” through constant practice to make our speech organs flexible. Steiner says that speech harmonizes body, soul and spirit.


What really happens in a person whose speech is not fully formed? 

Do you notice language and speech problems including lisping, hoarseness, stuttering, aphasia, developmental delays and Autism?

Do you have learning problems, fear of school and behavioral difficulties?

Therapeutic speech is one of the classic anthroposophic artistic therapies. Speech conveys far more than just imparting information. In speech, the whole human being comes to expression. Just as with writing or painting, our soul leaves its imprint on our work. When we listen to someone speak we can tell not only who they are and where they come from, but also what their feelings are and how they are feeling physically.


A typical session lasts 30 minutes and includes work with the specific exercises. Many people who are new to this type of therapy find they have more energy, strength and courage after the session and feel 'more like themselves. An added benefit of therapy is the discovery of, or the re­awakening to, the joy of expressing through speaking.