10am to 11:30am IST

Education comes to life only if what is taken in is carried for a while in the depths and then brought back to the surface later. The principle that is in force today, that one should teach the child only what it understands,  is wrong.  Human beings are brought together as one (our social life) through music and poetry; they become individuals through sculpture and painting. In the sculptural, pictorial realm we look at the beauty, we live it, whereas in the musical realm we ourselves become beauty.


Come and explore the beauty of this curriculum aimed at nurturing and awakening the latent capacities of this growing child. When a child is painting, drawing, or using other mediums to create, they experience joy. Through that joy, a child participates and experiences what they’re learning. They learn more effectively and enjoy the process more.

Art curriculum through the Grades
Form Drawing; Painting; drawing; Beeswax modeling; Knitting and purling; Crocheting; Geometric drawing; Clay sculpture; Perspective drawing; Black and white drawing; Singing; Movement

First Semester Schedule


Monday- Grade 1 & 2

Tuesday- Grade 3 & 4

Wednesday- Grade 5 & 6

Thursday- Grade 7 & 8 

Friday- Grade 9 & 10

Fees: Rs.7000per semester(Weekly Once LIVE session)

Rs.14000 per semester(Weekly Twice LIVE session)

All the sessions will be LIVE where the parents and children can interact with the facilitator. Weekly assignments will be given which the children have to submit in due course of time. The assignments are not to put pressure on the children but are used as a medium of concretizing their learning. Children are not graded on their assignments,